Green Deal and Double Glazing Costs

Green Deal and Double Glazing Costs

Financing Double Glazing: The UK Green Deal

Green Deal and Double Glazing Costs

With so many Windows & Doors installers offering finance for your home improvements, is it necessary to add another way to borrow money to afford double glazing prices for your home and end up paying more than the average cost of double glazing?

On first glance, you may think not, but there is an option under the UK green deal, where no deposit ‘up front financing can be offered if the home improvement you make is very energy efficient and actually reduces your energy costs in the home.

The way green deal financing works in principle is simple – there is what is known as a ‘golden rule’ and that is broadly

• The expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill,

At first look that seems quite simple, but in order to quantify the savings you will need to get a GDAR or a green deal assessment report and that will cost you a fee (around £100 or so). If the report says that the improvement meets the golden rule, then you are eligible, but if it ‘almost’ meets the golden rule you can still get part financing.

With double glazing prices not looking to go down any time soon, it may be worthwhile investigating – there is a government brochure about the green deal HERE: